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Logan Harris launched her equestrian training business LH Equestrian in September 2020. She is based out of her own facility in Monroe, NC and travels to Ocala, FL for training during the winter. She regularly hosts clinics, jump days and other events at her facility. 

Logan has a full barn of her personal competition horses, training horses, client horses and sales horses. She has an active training program that includes junior and adult amateur riders. Logan’s facility features an oversized ring with lights and GGT footing, a round-pen, trails, and plenty of acreage for personalized pasture arrangements. She steadily adds new clients to her schedule, and currently has a waiting list for board. She is also regularly sought out by other professionals in the area to help troubleshoot “quirky” or intimidating horses that other riders are unable to handle.

Logan has a keen eye for identifying talent in young or green horses, and maintains an active sales horse portfolio in her program. She has a talent for seeing the potential in animals that will be suitable for a variety of riders of all ages and skills. 

Prior to launching LH Equestrian, Logan spent September 2018 – June 2020 at Robindale Farm, one of the Charlotte area’s premiere boarding facilities, where she served as Working Student, was then promoted to Barn Manager, and then promoted again to Assistant Trainer.


Logan and Thracian Rebel made their USDF reveal at The Carolina Horse Park in November of 2018. Logan rode Thracian Rebel in the First Level Opportunity division, earning top scores of 69.3%, winning all four classes over the weekend.

Next, the pair went out to the Pinehurst Harness Track in July of 2019. Here, the two received scores up to 65.1% in their Second and Third Level tests winning all four classes again. To finalize the scores for their USDF bronze medal, the pair received scores up to 65% in the Third Level test at Stable View in September of 2019.

After Logan received her USDF bronze medal on this self-produced horse, she sold Thracian Rebel to an Adult Amateur as a Third Level school master.

Logan then picked up a green sales horse named Folle Blanche. Folle Blanche was a five-year-old, green, Westphalian mare when Logan began with her. Together, they competed through First Level.

In July of 2019 Logan and Folle Blanche had their first outing together in the Training Level, and received all first and second places, with scores as high as 66.9%. It was during this show, between Logan’s two mounts, (Folle Blanche and Thracian Rebel) that Logan  received High-Point Young Rider. 

Next, at Tryon International in September of 2019, Folle Blanche received First Level scores up to 66.034%. At this show, Folle Blache won all three of her First Level tests in a big, busy, intimidating atmosphere.

Logan was a Working Student for USDF gold medalist Melissa Allen starting in late 2018 and into 2019 (at Robindale Farm). Throughout Logan’s dressage career, she has ridden under top professionals. She continues to work under these professionals in clinic settings:

JJ Tate

Michael Barisone

Brooke Doss

Melissa Allen 

Cody Armstrong Pierce

Logan has taken out a new training horse, a Holsteiner named C’est La Vie, in October of 2020. He rode in the dressage Test of Choice at The Carolina Horse Park, to receive a 27%.

Prior to launching LH Equestrian, Logan spent September 2018-June 2020 at Robindale Farm, one of the Charlotte area’s premiere boarding facilities, where she served as Working Student, was then promoted to Barn Manager, and then promoted again to Assistant Trainer.


Logan spent much of 2018 as a Working Student under 5* event rider Ryan Wood. With Wood, Logan spent the majority of the year in Cochranville, PA, training out of Phillip Dutton’s farm, True Prospect, and wintering in Aiken, SC.

Logan has a passion for three-day eventing. She is working to continue to improve her riding and advance through eventing levels. Logan regularly rides with 5* eventer Bobby Meyerhoff out of Statesville, with her young string of upcoming event horses. Logan’s goal is to become a 5* eventer.

Over the years, Logan has produced multiple horses up to Training Level, including Simeon and Thracian Rebel.

Logan has ridden with top eventing professionals:

Ryan Wood

Bobby Meyerhoff

Will Faudree

Emily Hamel 

Logan’s USEA record began in January of 2017 with Thracian Rebel at Stable View in Aiken, SC. The pair rode in the Novice division to finish with no jumping faults, coming in 3rd place out of 12 starters.

At Full Gallop Farm in March of 2018, the two finished on their dressage score of 29.1, with no jump penalties, to finish 4th in the Novice division. The next event was at Plantation Fields in PA, to finish on their dressage score of 27.6, to win a red ribbon in the Novice division. From here on, the two had a successful eventing career together, to end up competing at the American Eventing Championships in 2017 at Tryon International. They completed their eventing career by competing at Training Level at The Carolina Horse Park.

After Logan successfully completed her eventing career with Thracian Rebel, she quickly took on two new OTTB mounts: Simeon and Le Magistrat. While Le Magistrat ended up developing physical restrictions that did not allow him to continue in his eventing career, Simeon took to the new sport well. Logan successfully developed Simeon from a green, recently started over fences horse, to a top Training Level competitor in eight short months. In their final show together, the two rode at Windridge Farm in October of 2019 to finish second out of eight in a competitive division on a score of 38.5.

Logan has begun building a USEA record for Sir Max, a six-year-old Connemara. His first Beginner Novice yielded a dressage score of 25.8, to finish in 4th place out of 16 riders. 

Logan has also begun building a USEA record for Jenesis HF, a 7-year-old Thoroughbred. She piloted him around his first Beginner Novice in October of 2020 at The Carolina Horse Park. She moved up Jenesis HF to ride in the team’s first Novice division at Full Gallop Farm’s USEA event in February 2021. The duo finished on an impressive dressage score of 30.2.

She is also bringing along a 5* event prospect, Cabin Crimson LH. “Crimson” is a 5-year-old Irish Sport Horse. Crimson received a second place at his first Combined Test. Crimson is on target to compete in his first USEA Beginner Novice in April. 

Logan rode Jenesis HF in the Beginner Novice division, and Cabin Crimson LH in the Sprouts division at Stable View Eventing Academy November schooling series in Aiken to win two blue ribbons.

In early December 2020, Logan and Jenesis HF made their USEA debut together at Sporting Days Farm. There, the team finished 3rd out of 15 professionals on their dressage score of 30.8. The following weekend, LH Equestrian took 9 horses back to Stable View. Here, Logan rode two horses to complete the mounts move-up. Jenesis HF rode the Novice to bring home another blue, and Cabin Crimson LH ran the Tadpole division to finish in 3rd.

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